Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

If your symptoms are new, joint and muscle problems are common and include shoulder, neck, back and knee problems. Many people will have had these at some point in their life. Most of these problems are not serious and improve or get better quickly. More information on how to self-manage your joint and muscle problems is available at 

Contact your GP surgery if; 

  • Your joint and muscle problems are getting worse and/or are limiting your ability to work or care for a dependent.  
  • You develop new symptoms such as pins and needles, worsening weakness in your arms or legs or problems with your balance. 
  • After 3 months your joint and muscle problems have not improved. 

Joint and muscle problems rarely indicate a more serious condition; 

  • If you get new symptoms of feeling unwell, pain at night that causes problems sleeping or significant joint swelling contact your GP surgery. 
  • If you get a new hot, red, swollen joint this may be an infection in the joint. This needs emergency treatment so go to accident and emergency on the same day.  
  • Very rarely back pain with leg pain can affect the nerves that supply your bladder and bowel. This is called Cauda Equina Syndrome (CES). If you get these symptoms you may need emergency treatment and you should go to accident and emergency on the same day. For more information see;—ces-card-pdf.pdf?sfvrsn=114b7059_2   

If you are already be a patient within our service we will contact you to provide further support.