About us

Surrey Downs Health and Care is an innovative partnership between local NHS organisations. Together, we have been providing adult community health services in Surrey Downs (that’s the Epsom, Dorking and East Elmbridge areas) since 1 April 2019.

Who is in the partnership?

Surrey Downs Health and Care is a partnership between:

  • The three GP federations that operate in the Surrey Downs areas
    • GP Health Partners in the Epsom, Leatherhead and Ewell area
    • Dorking Healthcare
    • Surrey Medical Network in the East Elmbridge area
  • CSH Surrey
  • Epsom and St Helier University Hospitals NHS Trust.

We also work closely with Surrey Council County.

What makes this partnership different?

Historically, there have been boundary lines between the organisations that provide care to people in their homes, in GP surgeries and in hospitals, but we have always been in united in our mission to provide great care to the people who need us.

It’s on those grounds that the Surrey Downs Health and Care partnership was formed – we want local people to receive the care that they need in the right environment. By bringing together our expertise, we can improve patient care and enable local people to access the right support, care and treatment more easily than ever before.

Primary care networks

At the centre of this are six Primary Care Networks (PCNs), which bring GPs and community services staff together to provide proactive care to patients in their homes and the local community. The PCNs:

  • Support people in their homes and those living in care homes  
  • Deploy the most appropriate team member(s) in a co-ordinated and timely way to patients
  • Reduce risk of hospital admission for patients when it is not needed
  • Work closely with community hospitals and specialist teams, as required. 

When are these changes happening?

We officially started working  together as Surrey Downs Health and Care on 1 April 2019 – your appointment letters have our new logo on them and our staff will introduce themselves as working for Surrey Downs Health and Care.

We are now working to develop care pathways and introduce new ways of working. These changes and improvements will be gradual, and your care team will keep you updated with how any changes may affect you.