The Friends and Family Test

We are part of a nationwide initiative known as the 'Friends and Family Test' which gives us - and other NHS organisations across the country - an even greater insight into the experience our patients have of our services, and what they think of us.

We offer all our patients the opportunity to answer one simple question: "Thinking about the service we provide, overall how was your experience of our service?"

You are asked to respond from a number of options from "Very good" to "Very poor". You will also have the opportunity to tell us the main reason for the answer you give, as well as tell us what we could do to improve. You can find out more about the Friends and Family Test (FFT) by visiting (opens in a new window).

Responding to the Friends and Family Test

You are able to respond to the Friends and Family Test in two ways:

  • Feedback card
  • Online. 

If you would like to complete the Friends and Family Test online, please click here (opens in new window)